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Accelerated and Sustainable Transformation with Melissa Zollo’s MetaSonic Resonance: Tuning Ourselves To The Infinite

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“The great central fact in human life, in your life and in mine, is the coming into a conscious, vital realization of our oneness with Infinite Life, and the opening and tuning of ourselves fully to this divine symphony and flow.”

MetaSonic Resonance: Supreme Creative Power Works Only Through Imagination, Universal Laws And Tuning Ourselves To The Infinite.

The great central fact of the universe is that the Spirit of Infinite Life and Power animates all, and manifests itself in and through all. It is the Source of Everything. This Infinite Power is creating, working, ruling, through every agency of great immutable laws and forces that run through all the universe and surround us on every side.

Within every woman and man is a force that directs and controls the entire course of life. Properly used, it can heal every affliction and ailment we have.

The fundamental, underlying idea of MetaSonic Resonance is a powerful energy system. In the ambient atmosphere surrounding us and pervading the structure of each one of our body’s cells is a force, a field of energy. This force is infinite and omnipresent; it is present in the smallest object as it it is the far reaches of the known and unknown universe.

This force is Life.

Everything pulsates with vibrant life even the subatomic particles of the atom are alive. True change happens at the energetic level far before it manifests in the material. Trying to change the physical world is like trying to divert a river or waterfall at the bottom where it is most powerful. Instead to be effective, it is best to work far upstream.

Attune Yourself To The Infinite

Attune Yourself To The Infinite


What Does This Mean?

It simply means this:

  • Each one of us has the power to begin the process of healing and reconstruction for ourselves; each one of us can discover the power of Imagination and force that brings us true healing of our bodies and minds.
  • Within each one of us is the cause of whatever enters into our life. To come into the realization of our own awakened Imagination and interior powers, is to be able to condition our life in exact accord with what we would have it.
  • With MetaSonic Resonance we can recognize our true identity, we can use our Imagination to bring our life into harmony with great laws and forces, and so tune ourselves to the same great frequencies and inspirations as all the awakened thinkers in the world’s history.


A question asked over and over again (and perhaps you are asking) is: How can there be a depletion of our energy if vitality and cosmic currents of force pour though us constantly, saturating our mind and body with power?

Resistance! We vibrate resistance and opposition to the very force that underlies our continually evolving universe. And there are many causes of this resistance to the inward flow of the Spirit.

Most of us were raised to be confused, scared, angry, complacent and even cowardly from childhood on into adulthood, and many more of us have a false perception of the nature of life. We have imprisoned ourselves in an inflexible shell of the mind and shielded ourselves with a mental armor so dense it disallows entrance to the light of life that envelops and surrounds us.


The First Step: Understanding

For in the degree that we come into this realization and tune ourselves with this Infinite Energy Source via MetaSonic Resonance, so do we make it possible for the higher powers to play, to work, and manifest through us.

MetaSonic Resonance: Image + Thought + Feeling = Result!

Aligning your imagining faculty, thoughts, and your body's energy with your image, intention, belief and feeling.

Activate your ability to engage in a deep partnership with the Divine.

Activate your ability to engage in a deep partnership with the Divine.


Did you know that 90% of the thousands of thoughts you think each day are the same as you had yesterday?

  • Within moments of MetaSonic Resonance you will harness your brain and its neuroplastic potential.
  • You will become aware of how you are walking sound tracks and repeat self-defeating patterns.


Melissa Zollo’s MetaSonic Resonance connects each person to their creative process in order to relax, restore, reset and bring one back into balance and power.

Imagined Results Become Reality: Ms Zollo facilitates MetaSonic Resonance through one integrated unified approach, using Image Repatterning, Vibrational Sound Therapy and Energy Medicine techniques (IP.VST.EM).

In one session, Melissa fills the gap between what you need to know and what others have time to tell you about Imagination, Intention, Frequency, Belief, Emotional Resilience, Energy Medicine, Sound Rebalancing and Manifestation.

This approach allows each participant to connect with their innermost self. In this space, we can alter the quality of our energy fields, past experiences, reintegrate, resource, and make realities of possibilities which at present seem like fantastic dreams!


  • By turning the penetrating power of the mind inward upon itself
  • By exalting our emotional system to a certain pitch
  • By restoring the integrity of our IMAGINATION and nervous system with safe and natural care


MetaSonic Resonance: Tuning Ourselves To The Infinite Is A Powerful Healing System.

Yes, with MetaSonic Resonance we can become aware of previously unknown currents of force, currents that are almost electric in their interior sensation, and that are healing and integrating in their effect.

  • How ready are you to let go of resistance today?
  • How much do you feel your images, thoughts, self-talk, and your words  impact your reality?
  • How many fears and insecurities do you have as a result of some past experience or conditioning?
  • How ready are you to undergo a radical change, learn and use valuable tools to awaken a vast reservoir of healing energy and contribute to your spiritual evolution?
  • Are you ready to begin implementing the techniques you will learn in a MetaSonic Resonance session?


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“Ms Zollo clearly knows and communicates the Laws of Self-Healing. We concur on the patient's responsibility to take an active role in their own healing process."
– Bernie Siegal, MD - Author of New York Times Best Selling Book Love, Medicine and Miracles


"Every once in a while an extraordinary leader materializes. Melissa Zollo is just that person. She is a true visionary. Melissa explains the Spiritual Principle of Imaging, and inspires you to create new mental blueprints. By using her CD programs, participating in the teleseminars and Image First clinics, you will enjoy life’s adventures, attract money, opportunities, and good relationships. Zollo's "10 Magical Steps to Fulfilling Your Prosperity Dream" is the definitive essay on personal development."
– Frank Gasiorowski - Host of Power Talk Radio


“No one is doing the work that Melissa Zollo is doing.”
– Professor Deborah Nightingale - Dept of Aeronautics and Engineering Systems Division - Director, Lean Aerospace Initiative, MIT


“Melissa Zollo is a passionate and inspired speaker whose mastery of certain Universal Principles, available to all of us, allowed her to overcome her own adversity and serve as a beacon of light for others. Her understanding and sharing of herself is indicative of years of self-reflection. This clearly makes her an invaluable resource and master teacher. Her sharing of these truths is accessible and moving."
– Kamau Kokayi - Medical Director, Olive Leaf Wholeness Center - Host of Global Medicine Review Radio Show, Manhattan, NY

To read more about how Melissa has changed people’s lives through her unique techniques, check out her testimonials, or if you would like to speak to Melissa about how MetaSonic Resonance could help you, please get in touch today.


Melissa Zollo

Melissa is a leading inspirational speaker and mentor, a celebrated grand-master imagist, energy facilitator, reiki master, certified restorative and advanced regression hypnotist, certified Akashic record reader, memory reconciliation and image re-patterning practitioner, certified sound healer, certified gong master, certified Himalayan singing bowl practitioner and certified tuning forks and drum practitioner. She created the ‘Imaginal Dynamic” series and lectured on the Universal Laws of Consciousness and the Power of Imagination for 30 years. Click here to read Melissa’s full biography.



Melissa is not a medical doctor or mental health practitioner.  She does not diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure, or heal any physical, mental, or emotional illness. The services Melissa renders are not a form of health care, psychotherapy, or counseling, nor are they substitutes for medical treatments or medications. She recommends that you seek medical and/or professional help when appropriate. Melissa will withhold non-referred services if a client’s behavior, appearance or statements would lead a reasonable person to believe that the client should be evaluated by a licensed health care professional, and will provide services to such clients only after evaluation and with the approval of the licensed health care professional.


Ethics, Confidentiality and Privacy

Melissa Zollo practices in accordance with a high code of ethics and standards. She maintains the confidentiality of all knowledge and information concerning her clients. She may disclose information only when required by law or when authorized by those responsible for the client’s care.


Please note, a 48-hour cancellation policy is required for all services.



The information provided on this site is not intended as diagnosis, treatment or prescription for any disease or illness. The decision to use, or not to use, any of this information is the sole responsibility of the reader. Results may vary from person to person or animal to animal.

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